About me

Hello there!

Welcome to the blog of an introvert. Don’t dread, this is just a bit about me. My world isn’t very different from yours. I’m not seen much outdoors, but you can sight me at bookstores or behind my kindle. Reading has been in my blood; my grandpa was and now my father is a voracious reader. Yes, I am an avid reader and do aspire to be a writer someday, but so far I have just been a diary jotter. From childhood, storytellers have charmed me be it my great granny or aunt. Like all kids, I grew up with Chandamama, Amar Chithra Katha, Twinkle, and fairy tales.

At college, I applied for computers, but literature chose me. So this literature grad passionately devoured the literary marvels of great authors finishing books after book volumes after volumes. Ask me the purpose? to excel in my exams! The list of favourites is long, but in recent times Sudha Murthy, Shashi Tharoor, Jeffrey Archer, Sundari Venkatraman, Preethi Shenoy, and Hari Kumar keep me engrossed.

Being a forever learner, I switched jobs from BPO to teaching, to explore new territories dirtied my hands in gardening, even burnt fingers in cooking (not the dish), and twisted my tongue learning new languages. Don’t ask me what I wanted to become, I am still experimenting! For now blogging is my saving grace.

I wake up every day trying to find reasons to live. I think of doing everything and nothing at the same time. No, I don’t have spare time, but I make it by doing nothing. I love my idleness, but I also pencil sketch, enjoy DIY crafts with my nephew, chat with like minds, review movies, listen to songs and sing. While I am taking a break from household chores or reading a book, I watch movies and T.V. series. But my secret wish is to travel the world…Sssh!

If I complete a book I am full of praise for the writer and in case I leave a book midway I scold myself for being carried away by the cover. I do not like to part with my books and hate lending my books because what if they don’t return. With each bestseller of a youngster, my desire to tell a story became stronger and stronger, but procrastination has been my flaw as of Hamlet. Finally I drove inspiration from Stephen King’s – “Do it for joy and you can do it forever” and stopped dreaming about being an author because it is time to become one. I am not a great writer, but writing lets me edit my life. So here I dabble on topics close to my heart, incidents from my life, family, literature, books read, places I visited, stories of people I met, changes around me, and occasional movie reviews, to teach something and nothing. Hope to get inspired and wish to inspire.

Will you give my words its joie de vivre?

With smiles,

Subha Murali

Homemaker turned blogger/Youtuber.


Passion Reading/Writing/Cooking/Podcasting.

Goal to spread Love and Happiness.